Everyone has a story. Sometimes we are the leaders of that story, and sometimes we just witness them. Sometimes it's just boring, while some are utterly fascinating. These stories have been a part of our childhood when grandma used to tell them. These stories were a part of our glory when we talked about the good old days. They may be in the form of folklore or mythical legends that were told for centuries. Or they may be stories of our daily lives and the little sparks that make our lives interesting and worth living. These stories have been a big part of our past and make us who we all are. 


Spacetale is about such stories that have been such an integral part of us. 


In Spacetale all the products tell some stories. These stories are inspired by the great cultural heritage of India as well as the stories of our lives. These are the stories that we want to read every day, love everyday and showcase them as an element of our culture. Furniture and products from Spacetales are meant to reflect a personality that is an extension of a quintessential Indian. 


Spacetale is a brainchild of Subi Suman who passed out of NID (National Institute of Design) in 2009. Subi is a graduate of architecture and following his passion for interiors and space products, he joined NID in 2007 in Post Graduate Diploma Programme in Furniture and Interior Design. Being in a multidisciplinary environment Subi persuaded his interests in graphic design, toy design, light design, photography, and other interdisciplinary subjects. After leaving NID and working in the furniture industry for some time he formed this enterprise to create furniture and home accessories that not only suits the need of Indian customers but also exudes of personality that is essentially Indian. 


Poulami Biswas, a born artist, dancer and a practicing architect joined Spacetale as a creative head in 2012


Spacetales and its products has Subis' personal touch in all its aspect and this is what make all Space tales product unique.